Como dizer "Madrinha de Casamento" em espanhol

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Madrina: madrinha de casamento
Padrino: padrinho de casamento


The "Padrino" is the Best Man, not the groomsman and is usually the Groom's best friend or brother, but not his father. He stands next to the groom in the ceremony. The "Madrina" would be the equivalent the Maid of Honor and is usually the Bride's best friend or sister, but not her mother. She stands next to the bride during the ceremony and helps the Bride with the bouquet and arranges the dress train during the ceremony. [Wordreference]

Exactly! That, right there, is the very definition of Maid of Honor and Best Man. You said it yourself, they are people really close to the bride and groom. It just happens that in Spain the tradition is that the bride's mother and father are by default the madrina and padrino; while in America (North and South), the tradition is that the bride picks a close friend or realtive as her "madrina" (maid of honor) and the groom does the same to choose his "padrino" (best man). [Wordreference]

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